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Online casinos are quickly growing in popularity as they become the only source of gambling in times of a global lockdown. With their popularity comes the desire for more from users. Many players want access to their favorite online casinos wherever they go and that's why we're beginning to see many online casinos like Ruby Fortune Casino, creating mobile apps for their users. This mobile transition is one of the latest draws for new players looking for an online casino.

Ruby Fortune Casino's mobile presence takes this one step further with their new player no deposit bonus which is specifically geared towards mobile users. If you download the mobile app, Ruby Fortune Casino offers you a fantastic no deposit bonus to get you started on some of their most popular games. We wanted to take a look at this fantastic welcome offer so that we could answer some frequently asked questions about the casino.

What does this promotion offer new players? What is expected of a player before they can withdraw their winnings? How does it compare to the offers of competitors? Our glance at the mobile app and the bonus that comes along with it looks to answer each of these questions and more so that any new players can make an informed decision on whether or not this is the casino for them before they make their first deposit.

A Look at the Ruby Fortune Casino Mobile App

The first step in that process is to understand whether or not the mobile app is something that new players would be willing to spend their time on. Sure, there's a fantastic no deposit bonus available, but would it be worth it if the casino games were too difficult and the mobile app was hard to navigate? Before we could decide whether the bonus was worthy of attention or not, we had to decide if the mobile app from Ruby Fortune Casino was on par with the new industry standards.

For anyone hoping that the mobile app from Ruby Fortune Casino would be made well and able to support some of the casino's most popular games, we have good news for you. Ruby Fortune has done a fantastic job at creating an app that essentially puts the entire casino in the pockets of its users. Unlike many online casinos that transition to a mobile platform, Ruby Fortune Casino is able to create a platform that can host even some of the biggest games.

The banking system remains the same, many of the promotions remain the same, and most of the navigation will hold a similar look. This is perfect for anyone who has spent much of their time on the computer version of the casino as there will be little learning that has to occur before you're able to easily navigate and play using the mobile version. So, yes, the mobile Ruby Fortune Casino offers new players plenty of reasons to stick around, even without the no deposit bonus.

What is the Ruby Fortune Casino Mobile No Deposit Bonus? ruby fortune casino mobile

Now for the promotion itself. What incentive is there to move towards the mobile version of Ruby Fortune Casino? As with most online casinos, Ruby Fortune offers plenty of welcome bonuses, including free spins on occasion, to draw the attention of new players and to promote themselves as a casino that has the best interests of the users at heart. What makes them unique is their mobile no deposit bonus that is offered to new players who switch to their app.

Having a no deposit bonus that provides existing player incentive to switch platforms isn't too common, but seems to be growing in popularity. As for the Ruby Fortune bonus, we were quite excited to see what was being offered. New players could earn up to $50 without having to make a single deposit of their own money. These playable funds could be used on any games that accept them within the casino collection which is a majority of them.

As far as no deposit promotions go, this one is quite generous. New players can earn plenty of free cash from this no deposit bonus without having to worry about the associated requirements. These requirements are still there, but they are certainly more reasonable than most other no deposit offers from other casinos. New players are given plenty of reasons to switch over to the mobile version of Ruby Fortune Casino.

Understanding the Terms and Conditions

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As we briefly addressed, there are requirements that are attached to this no deposit bonus that must be met before a user can withdraw their winnings. These requirements are commonplace and are likely to be attached to all online casino bonuses as a way to protect themselves from exploitation. But how do these requirements compare to those on similar no deposit promotions? Relatively, these no deposit bonus requirements are quite achievable by most players.

These requirements are known as the wagering and playthrough minimums and until they are reached, a player cannot withdraw their winnings, no matter how much of their own money has been deposited. A wagering requirement is the minimum amount of money you must put down for a wager to count towards the no deposit bonus. The playthrough is how many times you have to meet this minimum requirement. These are usually paired to prevent lucky players from exploiting the system and walking away with their winnings without putting much money down.

Don't fall into that trap that so many new players fall into when they start playing for a bonus. If you don't know the requirements before you deposit your own money, you won't know what minimums need to be played for. This can lead to the rare, but dangerous situation of being hundreds of dollars down with thousands waiting to be withdrawn, but you're still not able to receive your winnings because you didn't meet the requirements yet.

Always read through the terms and conditions before you start playing for a bonus so that you don't find yourself in that trap. Luckily, the mobile bonus from Ruby Fortune Casino is both generous and achievable for new players. Its low requirements and achievable minimums make it one of the best no deposit bonus promotions we've seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though we believe this to be one of the best mobile no deposit promotions in Canada online, you might still have some questions that need to be answered. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Ruby Fortune Casino.

What games does Ruby Fortune Casino have? They have hundreds of different games from your casino classics like poker or blackjack, to more modern mobile games. You can find plenty of renditions of your favorite classics that take a unique approach. If slots are your style, you can check out their arsenal of slot machines.

What do reviews of Ruby Fortune Casino say? For the most part, Ruby Fortune is highly rated by critics and players alike. They love the game selection, the quality of the app, and the promotions available. Most of the negative reviews come from players who were unable to withdraw their winnings, likely due to them no meeting the requirements.

What other promotions does Ruby Fortune Casino offer? There are plenty of welcome bonuses that can be received by new players. If the mobile bonus isn't for you, they have more traditional first deposit matches that you can apply for. They even offer some exciting weekly bonuses that can help keep players restocked and ready to play more. Ruby Fortune does a fantastic job at ensuring that players - old and new alike - are taken care of and ready to play.